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The Configuration building block in the HOPE Platform makes it possible to simply, quickly and securely adapt and configure the different platform building blocks based on the specific needs of the different healthcare businesses.  


The Configuration building block can be used to change a standard statement for an activity, for example with recurring activities in a patient’s activity plan.

A recurring scheduled activity cannot be published in a patient’s activity plan on a date that has passed. Using the Configuration building block, the activity can be easily reconfigured and it will then become possible to publish it on a date that has passed.

Patient list

The patient list features a number of standard columns presenting the patient’s ID (name and personal identification number). Based on specific needs within different diagnostic fields, the patient list can be supplemented with customised columns based on rules or single values. Examples of rules are: a) an evidence-based score is above a particular value; b) patient weight has fluctuated up or down by a particular percentage over a particular period. For example, customised columns showing individual values illustrate the patient’s most recent weight, latest number of steps, the time of the next scheduled appointment.

Activity plan

Through the Configuration building block, the appearance and functionality of the activity plan can be quickly and easily adapted based onclient-specific needs. The patient themselves can opt to have only certain activities shared with others, for example all booked care appointments. However, this does not include activities presenting values or more personal information in response to questions between the patient and the care provider.

This building block also enables customisation over time based on the patient’s personal choices.

Activity list

The patient’s activity list consists of a number of standard columns, activity title, time of planned activity, activity status. Customised columns can also be created at this level. For example, the diagnostic field of Obesity may need columns that show BMI SDS, emotional and/or physical function.

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