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The Automation building block in the HOPE Platformconnects all activities and activity templates in the patient’s activity plan. It is based on automation rules established by the healthcare business..

The purpose of Automation is to provide care staff with an efficient and secure tool for repetitive work assignments in the activity plan and when performing more highly specialised clinical activities via the Clinical decision support building block.

The patient can easily be involved in the activity plan and as a contributor to the process can help minimise repetitive manual tasks for care staff.

Calculation service

Healthcare staff still perform both simple and advanced calculations manually using paper and pen. A number of these can be done by the calculation service.

The calculation service is always used with one of the building blocks of the HOPE Platform and enables dynamic mathematical calculations to be done in all terms that can be expressed numerically. For example, a calculation may be an analysis conducted on a medical evidence-based score and which is now calculated and presented using a defined algorithm.

Diagnostic field examples


Once care staff have indicated: a) which doctor, nurse and/or dietician is responsible for the patient; and b) which location the patient belongs to, a 1-year programme is automatically created in the HOPE App containing: a) information about digital initiatives by the Region; b) the annual position statement in the HOPE App regarding how activities and information are to be shared between children and guardian(s); c) reporting on steps; d) reporting on weight; and e) video and physical appointments.

Once created, the 1-year programme can easily be adapted based on patient needs.  

Prosthetic knee

Once care staff have indicated the venue at which a patient will undergo surgery, the following activities are automatically created in HOPE App: a) information about digital initiatives by the Region, training, aids, wounds, infection and allergies; b) questions regarding tobacco and alcohol use; c) blood tests; and d) ECG controls.

Once the patient has confirmed the surgical notification, a checklist with approximately ten activities is automatically created for step-by-step support and guides the patient in the pre-surgical preparations. For example, this includes reminders to: a) pick up medication 1 week before surgery; b) wash with Descutan soap two days before surgery; c) begin fasting the evening before surgery; d) take medication; and e) post-operative follow-up.


Once care staff have specified the systems therapy the patient is prescribed, the following activities are automatically created in the HOPE App and form part of a  1-year treatment programme for the patient: a) information about: 1) digital initiatives by the medical facility or clinic, 2) prescribed medication from FASS; 3) the medical facility or clinic; b) PASI and DLQI forms; c) medication intake; d) blood tests; and e) follow-up on systems therapy.

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