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Automated records

HOPE Platform automatically generates suggestions for medical record text based on patient registered  values and questionnaire responses.  This is done using with the Automation building block.

Different versions of medical record text are generated on an ongoing basis in accordance with the duty of healthcare and medical services to document patient health status information in a patient record. Over time, staff responsible can easily and securely edit and sign automatically generated medical record text.

With clinical decision support, the patient record is intended as a parallel support for those responsible for patient care.


For use with other building blocks

Each target group using HOPE Platform receives its own unique composition of building blocks. The Automated medical record building block is primarily used with the following building blocks:

  • Activity planning – retrieves information from patient-registered activities

  • Automation – created automatically in real time when healthcare staff open a patient history and medical record based on the most recently updated information

  • Configuration – specifies what information to retrieve from which activities, how the information is processed and in some cases is automatically calculated

  • Security – ensures information security. Only relevant roles are given access to automated anamnesis and medical records via access control

New way of working for staff

HOPE Practitioner displays an automatically generated suggestion for medical record text based on the responses and values for activities performed registered by the patient. This is done using the Automation building block. Responsible care staff can quickly and easily edit and sign the automatically generated medical record text.

Patient as active contributor

The patient is an active contributor in the HOPE App, generating large parts of the  content of the medical record. Patient access to the medical record is self-explanatory as the content is based on responses and values registered by the patient.

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