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Access control

The Access control building block in HOPE Platform assigns different user roles to all parties involved in the care pathway for parallel work in the same database. The control function grants different types of access to individual users regarding information in the database, as well as functions in the presentation interface.

The information can range from a single data value to complex screening points, advice about necessary measures, etc. Functions range from  advanced such as the creation of  an automated care pathway to simple, such as generating a patient pairing code.


Dynamic roles

Dynamic roles enable the care company to create new roles over time based on current rule sets and legislation. A new role is defined using a combination of the information and functions to which the new role will have access.

The roles are created in accordance with the statutory requirements in the Swedish Patient Data Act (PDL) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Access to information includes ability of the user to read, edit, export, copy and generate information according to procedures for vigilance and intrusion and managing data breaches.

All events are logged with a focus on:

  • Healthcare unit, time at which the activity was performed and by whom
  • Identity of the patient involved

Access to functions

All standard and client-specific services in HOPE Platform can be customised using the Access control building block for access to different user roles. Based on the role assigned to the user in HOPE Platform, access to individual functions is restricted.

Access to information

Access to the information registered by the patient is checked before being made accessible. Access control verifies the user role and checks that permissions linked to the user in question allow access to information.

Access control also verifies that there is relevant consent from the patient and that there are no specified restrictions on the information being made available.

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