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The Communication building block on HOPE Platform enables the delivery of notifications and messages from healthcare staff linked to the target group activities. The idea of the building block is to create secure, intuitive and simple communication channels between the patient and other contributors involved. These are primarily intended as reminders to the target group of ongoing activities in the activity plan, new priorities and excursions.

Support is available for asynchronous communication. This is possible via push notifications, text message and email sent to a relevant smartphone. Synchronous communication such as chat is also used for information and dialogue purposes.

How the channels are to be applied between the patient and other contributors is controlled via rules established in the building block for clinical decision support for the specific diagnosis.


The Communication building block also includes a chat function that serves as both an asynchronous and synchronous communication channel. Chat offers the ability to exchange short written messages between two people with a computer or smartphone over the internet as a complement to a physical visit. The function ensures that all conversations are saved in accordance with the Swedish Patient Data Act (PDL).

The clarity of the type of chat expected to be used in dialogue between staff and patient is important. The ADDI Medical client base includes examples of healthcare units that use both synchronous and asynchronous chat.

Push notifications

The Communication building block also includes the push notification – a text message sent to the user’s phone. A push notification is associated with an action that it is requested that a user perform an activity. This type of notification is used for example, when a patient is asked to respond to a digital health declaration. It is also possible to create notifications to remind the patient to perform the specific activity.


The Communication building block also offers electronic mail, also referred to as email or mail. As a message or reminder, email  is used to alert the user that it is time to perform an activity or that a value registered has exceeded or fallen below a level that requires a certain action to be taken. The Communication building block is always used in conjunction with the Activity planning building block but can also be used with the Clinical decision supportAutomation and Configuration building blocks.

Text message

The Communication building block handles text messages (SMS/Short Message Service) – a service for short text notifications sent to the user via HOPE Platform.

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